The Horseless Prince

The seven year old Pim is fascinated by the Fairytale of 'Snow White'. Especially the part where the Prince is kissing Snow White is his favourite. Then one day his mother surprises him to make a beautiful painting of a kissing Snow White and the Prince. Unfortunately she dies in a car accident when buying the painting materials. Pim survives the accident but suffers from a heavy concussion.

The doctors warning Pim's fathers for a temporary fall out of Pim's brain functions, which actually do happen. The little boy is really confused when he sees his dead mother lying in the morgue, but thinks to have a solution for this problem. He writes a letter to the Dutch crown prince Willem Alexander. Pim is convinced by the fact that this prince will wake up his mother by giving her a kiss. But during the funeral the prince is not present. Pim is disappointed and hopes there is a mail delay.

He digs up his mother and hides her in her atelier. Now the prince has time to react. After two months the prince still not showed up and Pim starts to doubt about his existence. He starts an investigation and discovers that princes do not have red but blue blood. He decides to become a prince himself, went to the atelier and drinks a whole bottle of blue paint. He fainted but when he wakes up he discovers that he has blue blood. Now he can wake up his mother himself and kiss her. He's very surprised when his mother actually opens her eyes.

When they walking outside and meet his father he noticed that he is not recognising them. He follows his father to the atelier and discovers that it was not a kiss which reunited him with his mother but the death.