The Aviatrix of Kazbek

The Aviatrix of Kazbek

On the island Texel, Marie dreams about mountains; she collects postcards of mountains all over the world. She would love to do something else with her life, but as the only girls in a big poor family in wartime, Marie has no choice: she must mary Paul. The extreme religious and narrow minded population at the island expects her to behave.

The arrival of a group of Georgian soldiers brings color, life and love in Marie's life at the colorless Nordsea island. With their music and film, but especially with their inventive and unusual surviving strategies and their radically different vision on life, this isolated group foreigners help Marie to find herself.

For the first time in her life, Marie falls in love. Unfortunately, her love for soldier Goga from Kazbek and the friendship with the other soldiers, is not accepted by her family and the other people on the island. Exhorted by the female hero in the Soviet musical 'The Aviatrix of Kazbek', the only film the Georgians carry with them and show as much as possible, Marie takes destiny in her own hands.

When the Georgians eventually come in insurrection against the Germans, Marie chooses their side. She finds a unsuspected inner strength during the atrocious aftermath of this resistance, innumerable Georgians get killed, and Goga becomes a prisoner of war.